I Got an Interview! ... What to expect? (Edit: Questions I was asked are listed with articles on the answers)

Hello fellow campers,

So I’ve been studying Web development for 6 months now (not much thru FreeCodeCamp) and I’ve finally decided it’s time to start applying for jobs.
I got my first interview for a Front-End Developer position. It was my first interview ever in the IT field and even thu I read so much online on how to prepare, my anxiety and panic got the best of me. I could say that I did really really bad. They asked technical questions / how to approach designing and developing certain projects. I can’t state enough how badly I did.
Today however, they said they are very interested in me being one of their team and they invited me for a paid 3 days trial to test my skills since I’m lacking in certain areas.
I believe the reason why they thought I got potential is that:
A) I showed them some projects I did
B) I was honest about what I know and what I don’t know and showed interest in always learning what I don’t and interest in always improving myself.

I can share the questions they asked if anyone is interested.

I have another interview on Saturday 2/06 but it’s going to be on Skype. It’s for the same position but the different company of course. Anyone knows what to expect in Skype interviews? Do they still lask technical questions or just introducing themselves and me as well?


Congratulations on your successful interview!

I have an upcoming interview and would love to know the questions you were asked.

From what I read, video interviews are usually just to get to know you and measure your competencies to determine if you’re the right fit for the position. They usually don’t get too technical.

Congrats on your interview. Good luck on the next one.

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Hey Hassan,

Thanks for the info! I think so too but just in case I’ll study a bit.

So since it’s a front end position. They asked about CSS. What frameworks I used for it. JS as well and it’s frameworks. If you tell them you don’t have a knowledge in a certain topic they will of course skip the questions related to it. They also asked about my workflow alot. Which is something I wasn’t prepared for. They also asked if I was presented with client A and client B with requirements for each one how would I approach it and what tools and technologies I would use. They also asked how I deal with clients on certain action like they ask for alot of changes but to do it all in 4 hours when I need more than 10.
I can’t give you examples of the best answers because I did badly in all of those but this is what they mainly asked. They also asked about the Agile method and If I worked with it.
Let me know how it goes for you and I’ll update you on the skype interview as well!

Good luck and I’ll add you on Linkedin


Was your interview done in-person? If it was, great job on getting that far! You didn’t say if you were moving forward with that 3-day trial, but that’s a great sign and is something you shouldn’t pass up—definitely sounds like a company that’d be worth working for long-term.

Speaking from my own experience doing video interviews, they’ve been pretty much the same as phone interviews—i.e., general questions about you (resume/background, interest, etc), general info on the company and/or job. You could very well be asked technical questions, so maybe prepare a bit for that.

Don’t forget that when it comes to video interviews, appearance is important—not just your face, but also what you’re wearing (at least your shirt, since your pants won’t be visible on screen), and the ambient environment too (don’t let anything distracting appear or make noise that your webcam might see or otherwise record). Also, try to avoid looking at the interviewer’s face on your computer screen, and look directly at your webcam instead, to establish virtual “eye contact” with your interviewer.

I appreciate your reply.
Will definitely help me a great deal.
Also, can’t wait to connect with you on linkedin.

Thank you! I am moving with the trial. Even if I didn’t go along with the company eventually. I feel this is a great learning experince for me.

That’s what I thought as well. Specailly since they said in the email this is the first round of interviews so I’m guessing it’s just a basic starter interview but I’ll prepare a bit just in case.

Of course! thank you for the great advice specially the eye contact one cuz I tend to look at the interviewer’s face more ofter to see their reaction to what I’m saying :rofl:

Hi Hassan,

I’ve found a couple of awesome articles regarding Web Design Flow questions in an interview that I wish I knew earlier.
Web Design Process in 7 Steps
6 Phases of the Web Site Design and Development Process
When asked what tools do you use for your workflow:
Tools for Web Development Workflow
Never say you’ve worked with something when you didn’t. Just tell them you’ve heard of these tools and specify each one for which task.

Articles that has some questions I was asked as well:
Interview Questions for Front-End Developer
Questions & Answers for Front-End Developer Interview
Most Common Technical Interview Question for FrontEnd Developers
Great Resource of Questions for JS, HTMl, CSS it also has general questions about websites that I was asked as well.

If I find anything else, I’ll let you know!


I also found couple of articles on Technology Stack for Web Development. I was asked what technologies I would use for each client and these articles are really helpful in answering that.
How to Choose a Technology Stack for Web Application Development
14 Technologies Every Web Developer Should Be Able to Explain
How to Pick the Right Web Technology Stack for Your Product
How To Choose Your Tech Stack
Which Technology Is Best for My Website?

If you’re wondering what tech stack each website use the tools mentioned in this article will help:
How to find What Technology Website using?


Thank you so much!
You’re awesome. Would love to work with you.

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I just finished my Skype interview and it went really well!
It was a conference call with two people. I wasn’t asked any technical questions at all. It started off by asking the “Tell me a bit about yourself” question. Then asked about what technologies I used for my projects and what frameworks and languages I’m familiar with and that was it. Just a 20min interview but it went so much better than my last one lol. Every experience teaches you something for sure and your nervousness decreases with each interview as well.


Hey lifetimestudent1,

I took courses on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL and couple on Responsive Web Design.
My projects were mainly focused on simple responsive websites. I did one E-commerce store that’s focused on the backend and now I’m doing another that combines responsive design with backend skills.
I still need so much to learn of course and I am retaking the FCC curriculum and more courses outside it.
The projects I’m doing I’m struggling alot with it. But honestly, that’s the only way to test yourself and your skills.

I also noticed that video courses only cover like 60% of web development. So I’m reading articles and planning on starting to read an E-book as well.