Got an interview... today!

Hello people !

I have left my previous job 4 years ago, making a “family move” and getting a more stable job in the public government of my city. The decision was hard to take because I really liked that job (I was a multimedia integrator. Doing everything from flash animations, audio syncing, 3D,etc).

Last week, my previous creative director contacted me on LinkedIn, he was curious about where I was, and the chat went on and on and finally he asked if I was currently happy in my current job position.

Which i’m not. I mean, the pay is good and the conditions are great, but it’s unmotivational, doesn’t challenge you at all, and you just don’t get anything by working harder.

He then proposed a Frontend web developper positon to me, working on frameworks I haven’t heard of before (aquafadas, adapt) all related to elearning purposes.

I wasn’t prepared in any way for this question as he then asked for a portfolio, which I haven’t really updated in 4 years. I then linked my Codepen, Blog, and anything that could help me convince him that my skills weren’t rusty. I mean, that’s something right? Getting back to a previous job and having to prove yourself again. SO, it turns out I have a Skype interview, with someone else from the job to keep it as neutral as possible.

I’m so stressed out! I mean, real anxious. As somebody said on another thread, I might have that Impostor syndrome. I’ve read a ton, just like you guys, for a year. I know JS. It’s just that…Nothing i’ve made is a real project. I think I get even more anxious knowing that it’s a place I’ve worked for 3 years, people know me there and they might expect something out of me. Problem is that it’s a completely new job positon i’m applying for, and I feel just like a junior getting out of school.

Interview is in less than 3 hours, my stomach hurts, my hands are shaking, but I’ll try to nail this! Stay tuned.


First of all, congratulations! Getting the interview is often the harder part!

If I were you I would be trying to relax right now. You know enough that you have got their interest, so you know enough for the job. You have read and learned as much as you can for this and way more than is needed, stop worrying and enjoy the experiance, learn from it. This is the first of many doors to open if you want to, dont be scared if one closes!

Good Luck!


Good luck! :thumbsup:

I’m watching this post :smile:

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Good luck! I hope you ace that interview!! :smile_cat:

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Wow ! This was quite a spectacular interview. I mean, I was waiting to get fired at with technical questions, but the fact is that there was none! There’s nothing wrong with that, but I must say that my previous ones were way much technical.

It lasted a tad over 40 minutes, and during that time we lost audio on Skype 3 times, which led to redials, and laughs from both sides, which relaxed me a bit.

There was a lot of questions about how things changed since I’ve left, how I would adapt to it. I must say I feel a bit torn about the whole thing. Were they interested in me? Wouldn’t they ask more technical stuff to see if I was a good fit ? Maybe my previous creative director went and told them much about me, who I was and what I was able to make in 2011…

I guess I’ll have to wait and see, but i’m really confused about it all. Things went well, I wasn’t stuck answering any questions and was very professional…


Awesome job so far! I’d prepare for a technical interview regardless. If possible, I’d ask to check out the company and team to see if they are a good fit. But yeah, awesome job man!!

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Congratulations! I hope you got the job.

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I’m happy for you, your very good coding anyway