Just got a job offer! (despite a whiteboard interview)

Not actually my first dev job, but this is the first time I ever interviewed for jobs. Before, I got small contracts here and there through people I knew.

I went into the interview yesterday expecting to fail miserably. I knew there was a whiteboard involved. Luckily the algorithm they gave me to solve was not too hard. They asked me other technical questions, not all of which I was able to answer. I couldn’t even remember how to make object prototypes. (can’t I just google it??)

Still, within 24h, they offered me the job.
I assume non-technical questions counted for a lot as well.

For the record… the job did ‘require’ a degree in computer science, experience with large applications (which I don’t have) and a few other technical things I did not have.


Congrats @Marie000! We’re all proud of you.


Congrats! I’ve recently hit the 90-day mark working at my first dev job myself.
The interview was strange – They didn’t ask to to solve anything and asked very few technical questions. I left thinking that I didn’t get it but I did! Hooray!

So I guess the moral is keep making stuff until you get that job and your portfolio will speak for itself.


Yep. I think what really sells it that when they ask you about your path (learning path, career path), be excited, even when you talk about the difficulties you had or the ‘failures’ you went through, be excited about the whole path.

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@Marie000 oh, the power of Google! Congratulations on the new job!

Congo friend. Good job. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the job @Marie000!

On my last interview, I had forgotten how to do basic DOM manipulation. Things like document.getElementById and Node.innerHTML. Of course, once you realize that you’ve forgotten something, anxiety kicks in and it all snowballs from there until don’t even know how to type and you’re asking what JavaScript is. At least, that’s what happens to me.

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