White boards...make or break your chances?

So I just had an interview for a developer position, and the thing I was nervous about, white board challenges, sure enough presented itself. I started out by writing some psuedo code. It’s funny because I was on the right path and started second guessing myself. The interviewers gave me a slight nudge and I was able to complete it. The good news is they say a lot of people just give up. but I worked my way through the problem, which is a good thing. My question is, has anyone felt like they completely butchered the white board portion, and still received a job offer? The rest of the interview questions regarding personality, projects, learning etc seemed to go alright

Oh heck yes.

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I take it that means you…or someone you may know, have had not a great whiteboard experience and still received an offer?

I think they just want to see how you think. They know that everyone codes better while actually coding. They want to see how you think and how you deal with problems. It sounds like you did pretty well.

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Definitely. I don’t know how if there’s ever been a technical interview that I didn’t feel like I bombed at least part of.

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Thanks for the feedback Kevin, hope you are right. It was my first white board so my hand was a little shaky. I was going the right way, changed my mind, and then they said i was actually right the first way i was going. And with a little guidance, came to the proper solution. I guess we will see what happens

lol guess it isnt just me. I’m 0/2 on interviews so far. We will see what happens.

They understand that. It is not how coders normally work. I now have a little white board that I carry around and try to use it on algorithms to get used to it. Sometimes I even use it after I solve a challenge, just to understand what I did. The more you do it, the more comfortable you get. Get together with your coding friends and practice white boarding.

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just to update: I was not the successful candidate for this position. So I am now 0/3 on web developer interviews. Trying to keep my spirits up, but I always feel a little torn after a rejection email.

0/3 is nothing. Applying for jobs like this is all about rejection. Odds are you are going to get rejected over and over before you’re successful. I like the old joke.

Two guys are walking down the street. A beautiful girl is waking in the opposite direction and as she passes the first guy says, “Hey baby, wanna suck my ****?” She slaps him in the face and storms away. The two guys keep walking. The second guy says, “Man, you say that do all the girls you meet? You must get your face slapped a lot.” The first guy smiles, “Yeah I get slapped a lot, but every now and then…”

It’s a numbers game, Accept that you will be rejected. Know that you will be rejected over and over. But each rejection brings you closer. Each rejection teaches you a little more. It doesn’t matter how many "no"s you hear. What matters is sticking with it until you get a “yes” - you only need one.

But if you got to an in person white-board interview, then that’s pretty awesome. Be proud of that. Some one thought you were almost the best candidate. With a different interviewer on a different day, who knows?

Wear you rejections with honor. They mean you are taking a chance.


Thanks for the words of encouragement, not giving up!