White board challenges

So, I am not sure if this would be best suited here or in the JavaScript section, but feel free to move it if I have not put it in the appropriate place. Since this is about jobs I figured I would set it here. I have been keeping up with most of the topics in this section, and I came across someone saying that they got a white board to practice for white board challenge part of he interview. Thought that was a great idea, so I got one myself today. However I’m not sure the questions they would ask me to solve. So if anyone who has been interviewed wants to mention what they were asked that would be great. I’m still working on some projects, so I have not put myself out there for a interview yet.

You can use this site as a jumping-off point to find some typical questions that might be asked in developer interviews: http://codingforinterviews.com/practice

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Appreciate it. I’ll look at it when I have some more time

If you want to practice coding interview questions, the best site I’ve seen for this is http://www.interviewbit.com.

They have customized plan based on your current preparation and goals. They also provide company specific questions.

Im having a pretty good time going through the exercises here