Want to get a job as a programmer? Let me help you

Hello Fellow Campers,

Are you working your way through FreeCodeCamp so that you can get a job as a developer? Have you earned your certification(s) and now you want to start applying to jobs? Part of the process of getting a job as a developer is having to master the coding whiteboard exercise.

Companies will ask job candidates to program on a whiteboard as they watch and evaluate your skills, logic and how you solve a problem. The only way to get a job as a developer is to do well during these whiteboard challenges.

Well here is where I want to give back to the community and help everyone that is looking to get a job as a developer. I have created a series of videos that have actual questions I have been asked in a whiteboard exercise when I was looking for a job. These videos cover questions that I have been asked on JavaScript, HTML, CSS and jQuery. The videos combined cover over an hour of whiteboarding exercises.

Whiteboarding questions will ask you to write code or to answer a question. I provide examples of both formats in my videos. I will give you a whiteboard question and then write the code on the whiteboard as you watch. Then I refactor the code and explain why I am dong it. In other videos I give you actual interview questions and then provide an answer to them.

I created these videos to give back to the community and to the Women Who Code Atlanta chapter that I am a member of. These videos are on YouTube. You can watch them on my channel.

After you watch the videos, if there are other topics that you would like to see in future videos please let me know. If you like the videos, you can subscribe to my channel to get alerted when I release future videos. If these videos are helpful, please “thumbs up” the videos.

I hope this helps everyone out that is looking to get a job. This community has helped me out so now I would like to give back and help others in their search for their dream job as a developer.

Jennifer Bland


Thanks Jennifer, for sharing these videos :grinning:

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