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I changed the ‘var’ keyword to ‘let’ to limit the scope, which I thought was the only goal of the assignment but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Even the solution presented when you ask for a hint just has the code I have as written. However, it doesn’t work and doesn’t allow me to proceed - unless I change the if statement to false which then gets rid of the block scope statement entirely and allows me to proceed, but is not what the assignment is supposed to be I don’t believe?

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function checkScope() {
'use strict';
let i = 'function scope';
if (true) {
  i = 'block scope';
  console.log('Block scope i is: ', i);
console.log('Function scope i is: ', i);
return i;

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Challenge: Compare Scopes of the var and let Keywords

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You need to declare the i inside the if block. Remember that if you assign a variable without declaring it, it will be declared in the global scope.

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ah, thanks I wasn’t seeing the one in the if statement