At what point in FCC should we study Data Structures and Algorithms?

I was just reading a little on data structures, and didn’t see it in the curriculum and figured we’d have to learn it in the wild. I’d like to make sure I tackle them at some point, but I’m pretty overwhelmed right now in the JS space…have any of you guys bothered to learn data structures and algorithms on your own? Do you need to know them to get through FCC or to even get through FCC? I just want to make sure I am using my time effectively, I know knowledge is a great thing but I want to focus my mental energy on FCC and becoming a good web dev.

I found this algorithms course on Khan, and this book on Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms. I haven’t started any of them yet but plan to if it becomes necessary.

What are some good data structures and/or algorithms resources you guys have used?


I am at the moment reading that book (Version 1). I believe Version 2 is the same, only difference is that it’s written in ES6 style (essentially the same)

I have to say, I like this book because it goes straight to the point of how to implement data structures such as Binary Trees, Sets, Queues, etc. using JS.

Of course, you need a good foundation of JS, especially Object-Oriented and ‘this’ keyword to follow along. The first couple chapters goes over that concepts.

As far as needing for FCC…not really, but I would say its a necessity for any programmers to know some Computer Science concepts.


As soon as you can! My sense is it’s possible to be a great programmer but to be not so great at algorithms and data structures. (The opposite may also be true).

Good to learn about those topics because usually (from my experience) the interview process involves some questions about algorithms and data structures.

My suggestion would be to devote a little bit of time every day to practicing algorithms and data structures. With consistent practice over a sustained period, you will get good and your confidence will increase!

Some good places to practice as HackerRank and Codewars and there are a ton of great books out there.

How do you get good at the guitar? By playing the guitar. Does it matter if you have a cheap guitar or a Gibson? Not really… How do you get better at data structures and algorithms? Just practice. Kind of a truism… but if you’re like me, it’s easy to get caught up in finding the perfect book or training program so I have to remind myself, “just work some problems!”