AttributeError when trying to print result

Please, I need help with Machine learning with python. Im using Jupyter notebook and Im getting the error message you can see on the screen shot. thanks

Like the error says take a closer look at the for loop. Notice that code is appending to the feature_columns list result of categorical_column_with_vocabulary_list method of the feature_columns. That doesn’t seem to be right, as list data type doesn’t have such method.

ok, thanks Sanity, I think the problem is coming from the tensorflow, from what I can see in Jupyter. the installation or import has been successful. as you can see in the screen shot. Is there a way to install tensorflow maybe locally that will handle the issue? thanks

Locally it would be installed via pip, I believe the %tensorflow_version 2.x magic command is available on google colab.

However I don’t think that’s the issue with installed tensorflow. Are you sure it should be feature_columns.categorical_column_with_vocabulary_list appended in the loop?

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