Tensorflow - Core Learning Algorithms: Training and Testing Data

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hello while running this code i am getting this error as

AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last)
in <cell line: 5>()
5 for feature_name in CATEGORICAL_COLUMN:
6 vocabulary=dftrain[feature_name].unique()
----> 7 feature_column.append(tf.feature_column.numeric_column_with_vocabulary_list(feature_name,vocabulary))
9 for feature_name in NUMERIC_column:

AttributeError: module ‘tensorflow._api.v2.feature_column’ has no attribute ‘numeric_column_with_vocabulary_list’
can anyone help me or could provide me a source where i should continue my learning of machine learning thank you

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CATEGORICAL_COLUMN = [‘sex’,‘n_siblings_spouses’,‘parch’,‘class’,‘deck’,‘embark_town’,‘alone’]
NUMERIC_column = [‘age’,‘fare’]

for feature_name in CATEGORICAL_COLUMN:

for feature_name in NUMERIC_column:

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Challenge: Tensorflow - Core Learning Algorithms: Training and Testing Data

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