Attributes to an award winning website

I want to build a professional website for a competition in the USA for middle school students and the theme this year is cloud computing -now aside from what i need to know is what on earth i need to impress the judges and win the competition ( not easy I know ) the solution is intended to be engaging creative and NOT A BOOK REPORT.Thats all folks thanks.

I would google “award winning website designs”.

See what they have in common. Look for cool tricks.

That being said, besides the obvious functionality and visual appeal, I think they’ll want sleek and fast.

Just my $.02.

OK thanks i will try my best

Also, if this isn’t the first time they’ve run this contest, check and see if you can find past winners. That would be the best source.

they have hosted it before but the past winning submissions are not being shown

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If you have the time, I highly recommend learning GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) for animations.

GSAP is a JavaScript animation tool that basically lets you lay out the properties of an animation sequence. Want multiple animations occurring on the same element at the same time? Want two different elements animating at the same time? Want to play them in sequence, adding delays and controlling the speed however you want? GSAP is your best friend.

For visuals, you could try learning SVGs.

SVGs are basically graphics written in XML. You include it in your HTML as a collection of elements, kinda like canvas. It’s really simple to animate with GSAP once you learn it.

If you want to do something scroll-based, maybe look into ScrollMagicJS as well. It works great with GSAP.

Don’t take my word for it though.


great i like it thank you very much