How can I improve my frontend skills?

I have started freelancing and luckily got a job to build a website for someone I know. I want to develop and polish my frontend skills. I am particularly interested in animating the components on a page. is a good example of one such website which I came across, where I have found the components to be animated. How is such animation and transition achieved (using CSS or JS)? Any links to resources will be appreciated.

I’m interested too! That’s the kind of things I want to do, I would like to be more of an artist than a techician to be honest, but I still haven’t found where to learn this, so I’m trying to figure out everything by myself a bit at a time. A guy here in the forum did a pretty awesome portfolio, he said he used
If you’re totaly new to this you can start with CSS transition, then you can do more complex things with CSS animations, for everything else you have jQuery and a lot of other JS libraries. Usually CSS animations are combined with SVG to create very cool effects.

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Any open source options?

The laracasts link is not loading, but the GSAP is and looks like a great tool!

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It is loading all right on my computer

i could use some guidance on this too. i recently got into pseudo elements and transitions and SVG seems to be a good rabbit hole to go down but every cool tutorial i find is for wordpress :frowning: i mean they look cool but, wordpress bruh