Audio Techninca Product Landing Page

Hey guys, here is the link to my Product Landing Page: 1 ,
Do have a look at and tell me how i can improve :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, how do i run tests on a project ?

This looks very good. Did you want the body to match the header in width? Or was the white border on the sides what you wanted?

To pass the tests, you’ll want to set your href to “#” with idname instead of .html. And on the section you want o link to, give it an idname, such as “#feature1”. For “home” you can just say “#” with no id, and it will stay where it is without causing error.

To run the tests, add : to your JavaScript settings from the top right Settings button.

When you click the Run Test button, you will see the button below show how may passed / how many needed. If the button is read and not fully passed, click on that button and it will show you what you still need to fix.

From experience, as we begin to build and test more… Make sure your test is for the proper project with the dropdown box.

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Hey thanks for reviewing my project. :smile:
Yes I wanted the body to be of lesser width. And oh shoot I should edit the IDs thanks for pointing that out. And will add bundle.js for tests. Thank you.

I can’t wait to see the final product!

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