Product Landing Page- Please give me feedback

This is my Product Landing Page project. Please give me feedback. I don’t know if it passed all the test or not. I don’t know how to check.

This is a modified version of my real product landing page that I intend to develop in the future. I don’t want to share my idea and get it stolen…so :smile:



Looks very cool and stylish to me.
Good work.
Cheers :+1:

It looks good :slight_smile:

Place this at the bottom of your html code and run the test, currently you are pass 11/16

<script src=""></script>

Also i noticed when resizing the browser, try resizing your browser a little, notice the text inside the section with video gets overflow to the section below.

Thank you! I;m going to update it later in the future to include more stuff.

Thanks for the script. i notice the issues. i’ll fix it.

Hey buddy, all looks good on Desktop but mobile version wise, do something to the header of the webpage. It’s misleading to the corner especially with the menu options.

Hi moonlighdev, cool project. I would highlight this information to let people at a glance what the product does:

find a pancake breakfast near you

“Pancake on the go” could also be something you buy in a store and take with you, or prepare for yourself at home and bring with you …

Thanks! I’ll be more specific.