Product Landing Page Done ,i need your feedback please

Hello FCC Fellow Campers i have done my product landing page any help and feedback would be is the link

On mobile t is really difficult to navigate, try maybe making it more responsive

I agree, mainly due to the text being extremely small when in a smaller viewport, both for the content and the navbar.Your top image for the restaurant’s name get cut off on the right as well as the video. The structure of the site itself is responsive, which is good. Just gotta adjust the stuff inside it to be responsive too.

Also, are you following the fCC user stories in order to get the certificate? If not, then never mind; but if you are, you are missing some to pass the tests. Hope it helps!

thanks a lot for the feed back let me to try to work on it to make it more responsive. @leahleen

thanks a lot Dear, let work on these errors,no i am not following the FCC User stories and i want certificates can you please Guide me how to follow them?@pleeseno

So before you started your coding, there was a page that said what the project is (I this case, a landing page) and below were ‘User Stories,’ which are just guidelines that the project should have.

Also, when you’re on your code, you can click Run Test, which’ll tell you if you’re in the green. When you click the button below Run Test, it’ll tell you what you’ve achieved and what you’re missing AKA the user stories you’ve accomplished and the user stories you haven’t added yet. I hope that makes sense!

have you tried testing it. It is good.
Although there are still 3 missing instructions.

thanks a lot for the Guidance i was not understood the importance of that Run Test it makes the work
easier.@pleeseno @smarpan

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