Australian Online Study Group (AEST) - Anyone interested?

Update 12-12-2016
Okey dokie, I’ve made a Slack up for all those who are interested. The Slack domain is aussiefccstudygroup . If you need any help getting connected there let me know, or PM me your email and I’ll send you an invitation. Whatever suits.

Original Post:
Hey FCC Friends,
Looking to start an online study group for folks in an AEST timezone. Although I just started a local group on facebook, I don’t expect it to take off for quite some time as I live in a region area of Queensland. Is there anyone in a similar position who’d be keen to make a bit of a study group online, we could use Slack, a facebook group or whatever to communicate. Open to your suggestions. I’m still in the earliest stages of FCC so true beginners would be ideal, but of course at the end of the day, all are welcome :slight_smile:
Say hi!

My dance card is full, study-groups-wise, but there seem to be precious few Aussies on the forum, so if you need to PM someone that’s gonna be awake at the same time as you, feel free to contact or @ message me :slight_smile:

Hey JB. Thanks for reaching out. Thanks a million for the offer. I’d totally like to stay in touch.

Bookmarking this for later on. Melbourne clocking in

@chrishussey we have a great FCC meetup here in Melbourne - just heading home from it now actually. Next one is on the 20th Dec, probably - come along :slight_smile:

@JacksonBates oh I intend to. I’m already a member of the Facebook group, I just restarted this yesterday and what to get some hours under my belt! Are they in the CBD?

Yeah, at collective campus every 2nd Tuesday, 6-8:30pm.

Good turn out: about 25 tonight and two lightning talks (including one from me)

Hey Chris, you’ve just started with FCC?

@zonkerzonker yep. well started, stopped, and have restarted again. I’m up to lesson 111. How bout you?

A good idea. Slack and Facebook - I’m keen.