Online Study Group Wanted

Hey guys! I’m looking to form a small study group that will probably use something like Discord (text and voice chat, download optional) to communicate with one another. What I’m aiming for is just a friendly group that meets at semi-regular study times and holds one another accountable—we don’t necessarily have to be at the same place or learning the same thing. I’d like to do something a little close knit.

EDIT: I am in the PST timezone, or GMT-8.

We have decided (again) to move to Discord. Join by clicking this link:


Do you envision a regularly scheduled meetup, like a weekly dial-in to Discord then?
It would probably be useful to add your location / timezone.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, weekly, or even almost daily. But the reason I want to make a small group rather than just having one partner is so that it’s a little flexible. It’d be okay if you didn’t want to show up every day, because other people might still be around. I’m aiming for the ability to sit down and get to work together, with the more casual ability to just message each other for advice or motivation when we’re not already meeting.

The details can be worked out depending on the preferences and ideas of those interested.

Hi Kary, myself and @theonlyrealtodd are trying to do something similar. I think we both would be interested in your group.

Hey, I might be interested. What country and/or timezone are you in? I’m in the US; Eastern Time.

Discord seems like a good fit.

This sounds interesting.

I’m interested. We can make a Facebook, whatsapp or telegram group…


+1 but what gmt timezones are you lot in? i’m -3 but i can be somewhat flexible

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I myself am in GMT -4.

I really like the idea. Personally, I’m the type of guy that needs to be pushed from time to time haha :smile:

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I’d be interested in this. I’m pretty flexible with the time, but I’m in the EST time zone.

I could be interested in this, first because I really need to practice oral english first, and second for getting to know and help people :slight_smile: I’m in Quebec city, Canada (GMT - 5)

can i join this group if i just start programming?

Do you guys know/use whatsapp?
If you do I can create a group right now.

@karymevirginia yes as @SpudMillions stated, we’re interested as well. I’m on PST like you, he’s on EST.

I would be interested, I’m on Central Time.

Sounds Interesting. I’m on GMT aka UTC +3.:slight_smile:

I would like too:) don’t forget to add me to your group:slight_smile:

GMT+3, but sometimes available 24 hours))

I am from India my time is GMT+5:30. .Hoping to join your group.

I am interested. I am in the eastern time zone.