Automating messages using Node.js

Hi, I’m trying to write a program for a WhatsApp chatbot in node.js which automatically sends different study contents to students at a specific time.

For eg:
Day 1: Chapter 1 at 11 AM
Day 2: Chapter 2 at 11 AM
And so

I’ve been experimenting with node-cron; but still can’t figure out how to automate sending different content to students every day.
Any help or advice is appreciated.

Have you looked at How to Schedule a Job in Node Using node-cron yet?

I wonder would it be the same premise as send automated e-mails at specific times? I’m fairly new, those are just my thoughts .

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Yes, the logic will be same

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Very similar, yes. The only change would be the function being called, the Cron portion would be the same.

Maybe this will help you out a bit? I’m not sure which part your having the issue with to dig any deeper. hope it helps

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Thank you so much for your reply! Really appreciate it

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