Autsave on Project Code and "Save Your Code" issues

So I just finished FCC’s new Responsive web design certification.

I sort of cheesed some of the projects mostly to finish them quickly because I had issues with my code not saving, even when hitting the “Save Your Code” button. Has anyone else ran into this issue? I plan on polishing the HTML/CSS projects offline, then updating the code now that I have finished it. I have no idea why I have been struggling to save code.
When I completed my python certification, I would just work offline on PyCharm and then upload the code all at once. An auto save of some sort should be implemented.

And let me be clear, FCC is amazing and I am so thankful for the countless hours people have put into making this website what it is.

freeCodeCamp will not be able to offer an autosave option I think, unless it wishes to spend lots more in the infrastructure.

You can save your code using the Save button, or running the tests.
Once you submit you will find the completed project saved in your account, you can see it in the settings

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