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Hello everyone,

I’m very new to all this, the tech world, and need help on how to save my freecodecamp project into a porfolio, both on my laptop and eventually on the web - Github, Linkendin, my personal webpage (which I haven’t created yet), and/or any other site/resources that will help me show my projects to future companies. Again, I’m an infant to IT and need guidance on how to save my FCC projects, as well as the projects that I’ll be completing in the courses for Google IT Support Certification, and a little bit further out when I enroll to WGU for a degree in Software Development.

Because I’m so fresh to this, I think just guiding me on how to save my FCC projects on my laptop (if that’s possible) and to Github and a personal webpage would be a good start and a great help. If there’s a site other than Github or my personal webpage that might be easier or better for a novice like me to save my projects, and then with time I can upload my projects to Github, please let me know as well. Thank you in advance to any and everyone who helps

If you know how to create a text file on your local computer (for eg in Notepad or in Visual Studio Code), then you can use your mouse to copy the code from fCC directly into the local editor and save the file locally with the appropriate name (for eg index.html)

Where do I find the code from FCC? Also, I have a macbook. But I’m assuming I can still do what your recommending with Notes, is that correct?

I’m not sure I understood this question? My understanding from your initial post is that you had finished a project and needed to save it? The code you wrote for that project would have been in the same project page (unless you meant code from a step/challenge in which case, you cannot retrieve that specifically but you can copy the code from the final step of the challenge if you wish)

ps. I’ve never used a Mac so I just looked up something online that looks like it should work if you are just intent on creating a ‘plain text’ file to store code in. You can also download a program called VS Code which is a more advanced type of editor for developers (though that step maybe better postponed till you are ready for more advanced coding support).
Here’s the link I found:
Work with HTML documents in TextEdit on Mac - Apple Support (CA)(for%20example%2C%20enter%20index.

Definitely appreciate the link. I will look into it… I think it’ll help to clarify a bit. I’m doing free courses on freecodecamp to learn how to program. I literally started with the first course and just finished the first challenge/project of building a cat photo app using HTML coding language. I’m now moving on to the next challenge/project, which like the last project, is step by step, this time building a cafe menu using HTML and CSS. As you can see, I’m a fetus.

I don’t need to save each step, just the finished assignment/project. There’s no option to save the project to my hard drive on freecodecamp, so that’s why I came to this forum to get help. As I progress thru the free courses, I’ll learn how to code in Javascript and Phython with more challenging assignments/projects. Hence why I think its smart to save my progress/projects

Okay I see. I thought earlier you were referring to one of the certification projects.

To save the code from cat photo app or any of the practice projects, you should click on the very last step and copy the code you see there into a local file.
(Possibly right after you have completed the last step but before you move on to the next project).

This method also applies for the certification projects.

I am not sure if there is any specific advantage to be gained from copying the practice projects unless it is just to have the chance to maybe modify them locally.

I’m realizing that maybe we’re talking bout the same thing when you say certification projects. I think you’re referring to the free courses on free code camp to learn coding, and the certificate you get at the end of each module once you complete the lesson, is that correct? Because if that’s what you mean then, yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Sorry for the confusion.

But anyways, am I able to save the projects I accomplish on the certification projects right to my computer from freecodecamp website? I think you tried to explain that we can’t, but just want to make sure I understand… If you can’t, what steps do I have to take to be able to save my projects? Please remember I know almost nothing about programming and am completely new. Do I need to download an HTML and CSS program to my computer? I’m honestly lost. If I do have to download them to be able to save to my computer, can you let me know what HTML and CSS coding program? Is it the programs you mentioned before - Notepad or VS Code? And what about CSS program?

Again please forgive me for being ignorant, just feel lost as to where to start. The purpose of saving these projects is so I can eventually upload them to a webpage to have a portfolio to showcase projects to future employers. Obviously, I’m not ready to search for programming jobs :grin:. But we all have to start somewhere.

There are two types of projects in the New Responsive Web Design Certification on fCC. Practice projects like the cat photo app which guide you step by step to create a completed website, and certification projects which are not guided but that must be completed to gain the fCC certificate.

The practice projects like cat photo app are available online, simply by clicking on the last numbered step in the specific project, completing the task described there, then using your mouse to select all the code you see from the top to the bottom, then right clicking and choosing the option to copy it. Once copied it can be pasted into any text editor you have available and saving the html code as index.html (plain text file). For the CSS the steps are the same but you would copy the styles.css code and save it as such.

Please try and if you run into a problem take a screenshot and hopefully we can help you further.

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