Back End Development Certification without Common languages!

I was looking on the Back End Development certification map,
i found that
all we have to learn is Node.js and Express.js and Mango DB for handling data !
may be because we learn Javascript we have to learn Node.js ! OK,
but what i know, most website today use PHP , Java SE…
So will be very helpful ans easy if
we learn PHP and SQL (or Mysql) than Mango DB.
those MOST COMMON basic must have as web developer.

i may be wrong, i don’t know.

The general philosophy here is to focus on where jobs will be rather than where they are right now. There isn’t a growing demand for PHP like there is for Node. MySQL isn’t going anywhere, of course, but Mongo is gaining popularity. There’s nothing stopping you from using MySQL in any of your projects if you’d rather do that (I recommend sequelize).


Node, Express, and MongoDB are the technologies taught by FCC but you are allowed to use whatever back end technologies you like for the projects. Only projects are required for the Back End section, not language specific challenges.

The principles behind a server in PHP, Fortran, Node or Rust are very similar. You will still have to deal with routing, http requests, sanitizing input, testing, etc…
It’s just like FCC teaching Bootstrap, while Bootstrap may be overused now, the principles behind Bootstrap can be used in Bulma, Milligram or any other css framework. It ain’t school, you’re free to use whatever technology you prefer, just keep in mind the use cases for each project.

Also in general node stacks are booming right now, PHP on the other hand barely has job postings, of course these things depend on location, but for remote jobs PHP is almost non existent, java is still pretty famous though.

I am working on python .and learning flask. I wanted to work as python developer .Right now i am preety unsure what can be done with python apart from web development .I know it is extensively used in machine learning and data science but i do not have degree and i think this machine learning stream require people with good academics background . I have no problem with web development .Can you guide me little bit towards it i mean how i can get backend developer job in pyhton domain .

Funny you should mention that…
Forum thread: Let’s all build a comprehensive interactive Python curriculum together

Yes i read about it yesterday.But the thing is i need to get right guidance right now .I am really confused about my carrer .

Nope. Just do the backend projects like everyone else, but in Python.

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