Back End Developer Path

Hello! Can someone suggest me a Back-End path to follow, please? So far I completed the Responsive Web Design certification, Python and a bit of Django but there is a lot of information and I feel lost. :worried:

In order to be a good b/e developer it is good to at least have a basic understanding of f/e - which FCC will give you. Once you have that, you’re developing a knowledge of b/e. Part of that will be learning servers and databases - FCC touches on that with Node/Express and MongoDB. You’ve learned some Python/Django which is an alternative to Node/Express, but you’d also need some DB in there, preferably you’d want some SQL and so noSQL (like MongoDB).

Other than that, it’s just learning everything you can about how servers and DBs work and what they can do. Basic coding principles will help (like algorithms) and learning all about internet protocols and layers and how they all connect up.

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  • Create/update/edit/delete your Database.
  • Authentication (encrypted password, token)
  • Databases with ORM like mongoose or sequelize on Node.js
  • Best practices architecture on your framework

If you already have learnt Javascript, I am not sure why you would learn a new language and not stick to Node.js

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