Beginner interested in back-end development

Hi! I’m new here. As the title says, I’m interested in back-end development and I wonder which groups of courses should I do to accomplish it?
“Responsive Web Design Certification” I guess is required to know enough HTML and CSS.
But, what would be next?. Thank you!

Even if your work has you focusing primarily on the back end, you’ll still need to be able to do front-end development, maybe not to the extent that you’d be involved in coding up a site’s web pages, but you’ll need a thorough understanding of what is needed for those pages and how you can wire things up on the back end to make sure that front-end devs have what is needed, as well as a thorough understanding of their plans for implementing the APIs you make available to them (You may even need to help them understand how best to implement them). Study client-side JavaScript and at least one major framework/library (React is the most popular) as well as server-side JavaScript (NodeJS) and at least one of its major frameworks (Express would be a great choice).
If you’re interested in other so-called back-end languages, PHP, Java, C#, and Python are other options, just to name a few.

You’d be off to a good start if you were to go through all of the sections from Responsive Web Design Certification to Quality Assurance Certification, though you could probably skip the Data Visualization section if you’re looking to save time.

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Thank you very much for your time!

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