Backend Development and APIs challenge - Managing packages with NPM

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I’ve used the link below as the solution link via replit and it doesn’t validate. See project link below.

And here is my code below:

	"name": "fcc-learn-npm-package-json",
	"author": "obakatorto",
	"dependencies": {
		"express": "^4.14.0"
	"main": "server.js",
	"scripts": {
		"start": "node server.js"
	"repository": {
		"type": "git",
		"url": "https://idontknow/todo.git"

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Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

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is a link to the file. You need a link to the live app, the server.

Press the green Run button. That will start the app. On the upper right, a window should open up with a url at the top. That is the url you want. The url should end with “”. That is the url you need to submit.

When I submit that url, it passes for me - your code works. You just need to get the correct url.

Give that a try. Let us know if you are still stuck.

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