Backend web dev

Do i need a command line/Hyper terminsl for backend web dev?

My Full stack dev course on Udemy has videos on the terminsl and i really dont feel like it.

Yeah, I’m no expert but I can’t even imagine doing b/e without some kind of a terminal somewhere. Even if there is some GUI that could do that for you (there may be), I think you would lose some cred with your peers.

Me, I like the terminal. It feels very old-school, retro. Yeah, it’s a pain sometimes, but that’s part of its charm.

You’re going to be using a terminal to some extent regardless of what piece of the application you’re working on. Even if you’re mostly just running your build commands there and updating your packages, you’ll be using it.

You don’t need to go deep on bash scripting or anything if you don’t want to though.

Yeah, just to be clear, even in front-end, you end up doing some work from the terminal. But a lot of it is the same simple stuff.

Great,thanks Guys.I guess i’ll learn the command line