What do I need to learn?

I want to become a full stack dev i’m currently taking the front end and back end dev courses and i’ve completed the responsive web design and javascript course, what else do I need to learn that they don’t list in freecodecamp. Also do I need to take a computer science course to get a job?

  • I didn’t have a computer science degree and I’ve been working professionally for 5 years now.
  • What do you need to learn? Literally everything, but that’s not helpful.
    • At least one UI framework (React, Angular, Vue, Next.js). I’d go with React or Angular (my last two companies used those).
    • You need to have a good understanding of how git works or else you’ll be sorry.
    • Frontend means you’ll likely be using node and npm. You need to be very familiar with how these tools work and the command line.
    • You’ll need to know basic querying of SQL and no-sql. I recommend Microsoft SQL Server and Mongo (my last two companies used those)
    • Node and express might not be enough for backend API services. I’d recommend java + springboot or c# (again, my last two companies…)
    • You’ll going to have to write scripts in bash or powershell
    • You’ll have to learn how to deploy an application to IIS, Rancher or AWS
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