What do I need to learn to become a fullstack developer/engenieer?

I’m new to the programming world and after some research, I decided to choose my career path as a fullstack developer . I’m currently solely relying freecodecamp courses to learn the basics but I’m a little confused about what I should be learning? I’m currently taking the “Responsive Web Design” course and after I finish it I’m planning to complete , " JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures", “Front End Development Libraries”, “Back End Development and APIs” in order. Any courses I miss? Do I also need to take “Data Visualization” and “Relational Database”?
Again, I’m completely new to this, so, I hope you can teach me something .

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I’m also a relative beginner with the same goals as you, but I can tell you that doing the courses in the order they are arranged in the curriculum is definitely the best way to go. That includes the Data Visualization and Relational Database ones, from what I know. They will be necessary, I’m sure. DV is needed for building graphs and other types of data displaying things. This is useful for all kinds of projects, from restaurant websites to stock trackers. Then RD is needed to learn how to use all those important tools devs use like VScode, SQL (for databases), Bash (terminal commands) and Git (version control, or basically keeping your application updated in an orderly and professional way). This will all help you to use GitHub too, an essential for any developer. So definitely consider doing those certs too.
That being said, there’s no reason to just stick with fCC. While it’s an amazing core curriculum, feel free to watch other tutorials, build your own projects on a side (definitely do that!) and collaborate with friends on cool ideas. And don’t feel overwhelmed with all these new things to master. I don’t know most of them yet either, but many have done it, and all it takes is persistence. As long as your fingers are coding something every day, even if it’s not cool yet, or even if you’re making millions of mistakes and forgetting the very basics right when you thought you’ve mastered them, you will progress. Just Google, use StackOverflow or whatever else to get over your humps and you will progress, even if you don’t see it right away. (Personal experience!)
All in all I wish you the best in your coding journey!
Have fun along the way,
Nicolas, 17


I will and thank you very much!

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Your approach to becoming a full-stack developer through FreeCodeCamp is a solid plan, and the courses you’ve outlined are excellent for building a strong foundation. Let’s break down your learning path and see if there are additional courses or skills you might want to consider.

Core Courses for Full-Stack Development

Responsive Web Design

This course will teach you the basics of HTML and CSS, essential for any web development.

JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

JavaScript is a crucial language for both front-end and back-end development. Understanding algorithms and data structures is fundamental for efficient coding.

Front End Development Libraries

This course covers popular libraries like React, which are important for modern front-end development.

Back End Development and APIs

This course will introduce you to server-side development, including Node.js and Express, which are essential for back-end development.

Suggested Learning Path

  1. Responsive Web Design (Complete)
  2. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures (Complete)
  3. Front End Development Libraries (Complete)
  4. Back End Development and APIs (Complete)
  5. Relational Database (SQL) (Add this course next)
  6. Data Visualization (Optional, based on interest)
  7. Git and GitHub (Learn concurrently with other courses)
  8. Testing and Deployment (Learn after the above courses)

Apply your knowledge by working on real projects. FreeCodeCamp has many project-based challenges that will help you build a portfolio.
Contribute to open-source projects on GitHub to gain practical experience and collaborate with other developers.

By following this structured approach and supplementing it with practical experience, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a competent full-stack developer. Good luck!


  • Any specific reasons behind choosing “FSD” role ?

  • I would suggest; first focus either on Front End / Back End development learning and getting job at the earliest.

  • You can learn FSD; once you’re into real world project building & earning money along with it.