Next step as graduate?

Hello everyone, I am a recent graduate of FullStack academy. I have learned plenty of information, I know HTML, CSS, and Javascript for web development. For backend I used PSQL for databases, and Node.js and express on the server side.

I am wondering what my next course of action should be, there is a plethora of knowlwedge out there, should a main focus be on learning languages like Java and Python? Or should I continue to build more projects and fine tune current ones.

That depends on what you want to do. If you are looking for a job in web development then Java is not worth learning. There is always React, Vue, and Angular to learn as these are pretty popular and you will find that one of these three are often a requirement in job postings. Not always, but for a good number of them they are. After that I would focus on projects, getting a portfolio ready to go with your job applications so the companies can see what you can do. Putting skills down on a resume are one thing, but actually having the understanding to make a good looking, functional project is something else.

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