Frontend or Fullstack?

Hi everyone!
Right now I am learning reactjs and my goal was to become a fullstack developer. But I am afraid of I might have hard time while learning backend and trying to keep my frontend knowledge updated or just simply not forget the things I learned. That is why I am wondering If I should focus on getting better at frontend and learn cool things like threejs. The reason why I am thinking this is because both I am curious about backend and I am afraid of it.
I would be happy to listen your suggestions and If you are a backend or fullstack developer you can enlighten me about it.

I’m still working my way through the FCC Curriculum and I’ve covered all of the JS frontend courses (including Data Visualisation).
I’ve also completed the Backend Development and Quality Assurance certifications, so have a pretty good foundation in backend stuff too.
Personally, I find the backend fascinating, though it’s certainly a lot to wrap your head around.

I’d recommend diving into the Backend Development certification and see how you get on. You might find it really rewarding as I have done…

The Relational Database certification is also backend, though it’s very different as it’s bash and psql, not JS. It gives really good insights as to how stuff works under the hood though.

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Generally speaking, I wouldn’t worry about forgetting how to do frontend development because part of building your skills to the level of job-readiness, you’ll spend a lot of time building complex projects.

In terms of whether you should learn to do fullstack development or focus on frontend is totally personal choice. Look at the development jobs you would potentially apply to. If you have a really strong affinity for one particular technology, it’s perfectly understandable to try to specialize in that. On the other hand “I’m afraid to try learning it” doesn’t seem like a particularly rational reason to write off a huge part of web development.

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I think you will find the frontend a lot more interesting when you can feed it data using backend knowledge.

It doesn’t have to be complex and you do not need to know all that much before it starts to pay off. Knowing how to use third-party APIs and building a simple Express/DB backend can give you a lot to work with on the frontend.

A backend without a frontend is kind of pointless, you have to build a frontend as well. So you get to do both.

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I agree with @lasjorg.
Learning front-end will at one point push you to a place, where understanding backend will become so significant. Cause there are gonna be times, when your UI will have to change based on the responses from a backend server.
And to have a decent understanding of backend you should learn how to build a backend server. (strongly encourage)
Even if you wanna specialize on one end of an application. Without knowing how one end interacts with the other it’s gonna cause lotsa problem down the road.
And trust me, once you’ve learned backend development with prior knowledge of frontend. You will start to understand how a full-fledged software actually works. And will not be kept in the dark from knowing how the data from the frontend gets processed on the server-side and all the terminologies that you hear a lot when talked about server/backend, which used to pass over your head before.

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