What should I do?

I am new newly graduate software engineer I am working in a firm from past 6 months. I have been in front end team and majority of the people are Java backend developers. I feel I little bit concerned that am I losing something as I am not in backend Java. I thought of learning node js but found that big firms including mine use Java for their scalable systems.Please can anyone guide me is frontend a good option or not and also in my firm they use angular and react is very popular these days. This is also a concern. Can anyone guide me that whether learning angular with nodejs as backend will be good.As for Java getting the opportunity would be difficult. What should I do ? Is it possible to learn MEAN stack and then move to react and Java ? If so please tell a way

Where do you live? Two to three years ago, my advice would have been: just forget about Java, don’t waste your time with backend. Just focus on the things you love, keep up with JS/CSS, and establish yourself as a frontend developer, period. Nowadays, it’s really hard, especially for entry-level jobs, to do what you really want and not what your employer/team needs from you. With fewer job opportunities, more people are working as they did a few years ago: everybody has to do everything. Besides that, it’s a good opportunity to learn other things, to work on a real project, and try to get the best out of Java; good practices are basically the same for any other language. If you have time, learn JS first, don’t jump directly into a frontend framework. Try to build your portfolio or something simple. That said, if you want to be a full stack developer and work with JS, check out Next and React. If you want to be hired as a frontend or JS Full Stack developer exclusively, you have to be really good at the basics: data structures, clean code, and design patterns. Don’t worry too much for now, but try to make time to learn JavaScript. At least where I live, this is the new reality.

I live in India. So I should first try to sharp my javascript skills and then move to framework like react and next js. And make lot of projects ?