There is a future as JS Backend?

Hello everyone!

I’m a programmer student and yet don’t know what path to take. Particularly I’m not very good at frontend, and prefer to work as backend. I had studied a little of Java, Python and JS, and I liked JS so much. But I fear that I cannot get a job using JS as backend, because I saw people saying that JS is better to frontend only (React, etc)

Can I focus my studies on JS and still work as backend, or should I change to Java?

Thanks, and sorry about any grammar mistakes.

There is an increasing amount of “backend” work being done in JavaScript. However, in my experience, the developers working in that sort of a stack are typically expected to be able to work on both the frontend and the backend.

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Not really. Node is based on Javascript and it’s one of the top Backend technologies. Another thing to note is that Nodejs is constantly evolving and and improvements are being made rapidly. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the top most popular backend framework in the near future.