I need your advice regarding my career. I'm in a terrible situation

I joined a startup as a fresher a few months ago. They gave me 2 months to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, React, MongoDB, and SQL. The deadline is May 19, and I have hardly 15 days left. It took me a lot of time to learn HTML, CSS, and JS, and my JS course is still ongoing. I have no idea about the remaining technologies. Please tell me how I should plan. Can I start learning React now, considering I am still learning JavaScript? Where can I learn backend technologies? What resources should I follow? What should I learn first: node or react?

Please give me your thorough advice. I am scared a lot and have no idea how to proceed.

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Honestly, I dont know what to tell you. Its impossible to learn and have a decent understanding of all of that in two months. Its just not going to happen, you might have to talk to the people and let them know. If they gave you all of that in two months then they dont know what goes into this. If they are strict on two months then you might be better off somewhere else.


I agree that 2 months is a completely unreasonable time to learn all of that from scratch.


Did you not previously post about this issue? I only ask because it’s utterly ridiculous to expect anyone to learn all of that stuff in that kind of timeframe, as I think we said last time. Your employer clearly has no understanding of the demands they’re placing on you.


It’s better to learn JavaScript first (ES5 and ES2015) before you get into React. You should also learn how to use Node.js at least a little bit before React (React uses Node.js under the hood).

freeCodeCamp does have a curriculum on back-end/Node.js under “Back End Development and APIs”.

Aside from that, I’d suggest communicating your troubles/situation to your employer. You should be able to have a discussion with them about expectations and deadlines - and if they don’t offer any flexibility, that’d be a good reason to quit.


I echo what the other mods are saying, but seriously: if your employer isn’t flexible on this deadline look for another job. Even then, I do really question if this place is worth it regardless if they think this is any sort of reasonable expectation.

Even if it isn’t coding, a non toxic workplace is better than a job that leaves you feeling scared and stressed. You can come back to coding, and it will be easier if you’re in a better position mentally.


Are you working for them as well? Are you getting paid?

It almost sounds like they have set you up to fail, misusing you as free or cheap labor with the expectation of being able to let you go without any contract breach when they see fit.

I strongly doubt a sane person with any experience in development would expect someone to learn all that from scratch in two months. If they did they don’t know jack squat. What kind of code quality do they expect you can provide? It is like asking a first-year resident to perform brain surgery.


Dear @Griff @lasjorg @igorgetmeabrain @Cody_Biggs @OttoPerez ,
I am from India, and here most companies exploit freshmen due to the surplus supply of newly graduated engineers. Every year, more than 1.5 million engineers graduate here, and the recession made things even worse. Most companies make freshers sign a service agreement of 2 to 2.5 years, and the bond amount is generally high, making it almost impossible to leave. I don’t know how the government allows such things, but this is the way things happen here. If you don’t believe me, you can Google this. So, even if I switch to some other company, things will be more or less the same. My college senior works at least 10–12 hours a day for his company. I’m from a lower middle-class family, so things are even more difficult. I am scared a lot about my future. I don’t know how to get out of this situation. I hope now you can understand my pain.

Harshit, being Indian I know how these startup works.

Take my advice, just leave this company at once, as it’s affecting your mental health atm.

Take a month break and do homework about what do you wish to work as ?

There are tons of career paths to choose from

  1. Front End Web Developer ( HTML, CSS, JS, React etc )
  2. Front End Web + Mobile Developer ( HTML, CSS, JS, React, React Native etc )
  3. Full Stack Developer

But to achieve this you will need minimum 6 - 12 months working full time, and building lots of projects along with learning these technologies.

To start with leave this job today itself.

There are literally millions of jobs in India which pays in the range of 10L - 50L per annum for above skill set

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Did you pay any amount against bond ? How big is it ? Can you leave job today and if yes what will happen ?

Explain situation properly to your family and leave this job ASAP.

I was in similar situation like you in 2002 and started my job with 7200 INR ( gold price was 5000 INR for 10 gm ) so in current year this salary should be 10X.

Fearing won’t take you anywhere in life.

I suggest watch below 2 videos and keep watching each day


As middle class direct & only tax payers ( 3% of population ) Indians are allowing it since last 75+ years.

So STOP worrying about what you can NOT control, think of situations / acts what you have full control.

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Thank you for your genuine advice and guidance. It’s great to see someone so kind. Thank you again. I have a few more things to share.

I think it’s not possible for me to quit this job now. I will graduate next month only, and I can’t afford to have a year-long gap in my career afterwards. Also, my family won’t allow me to do this, as they have no idea about these things. My college is also not good, so I don’t get opportunities anyway. In my college days, my seniors told me to focus on DSA only, and I achieved decent ratings too, which helped me land some job offers. But now that doesn’t help me. I am responsible for this stressful situation, and I feel I will have to bear it somehow.

I have seen the Think and Grow Rich book video and will also see the second one. It was great. Thank you for your recommendation and precious time. Best wishes.

Working in a job that is setting you up to fail is going to be more harmful to your career than quitting that job to focus on learning the skills you need to be a programmer.


Ah, you are in same boat as me in 2001 LOL.

  • I’m NOT asking you to take year long break but to study well and build projects in GitHub.
  • By end of next year when you’ve tons of great projects to show to employers; you may end up with 6 figure USD remote job as well ( sitting here in India itself ); forget about job here in India.

Explain this to your family member who has got more patience, higher EQ to listen and understand others genuine problems.

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Dude, this test is more about how you handle these tasks and how you communicate, so tell me right away if you can’t do it and explain the reasons for your actions. Because my brother had a similar situation, but he drove himself to the point where he went to a therapist to deal with depression and stress due to overwork. He just kept everything to himself, didn’t communicate with the management, didn’t talk to them about his problems in the course of work and thought he would cope, but it was quite the opposite and even worse. So don’t keep this information to yourself, but rather tell your employer right away, and if they don’t satisfy you, you can safely look for another job.


Thank you @Cody_Biggs @Griff @OttoPerez @JeremyLT @igorgetmeabrain @vikramvi

A big thank you to all of you for your advice. I discussed my problem with my manager, and luckily he extended the deadline by 2 weeks. I know it’s still very difficult, but at least there’s a little relief. Now, please suggest how to effectively complete all these topics. Thank you again.

Two more weeks is nothing……he could give you 3 months and that still would not be enough time. If you are trying to learn everything from the beginning. Its not possible, and the fact that you were given only two more weeks just confirms that those guys dont know what they are asking. Do they know you are learning from the beginning? I am not saying this to be harsh, but to be straight forward and honest. With your two additional weeks there is no chance you will be to confidently write code. Or be confident on whatever they ask you to do. Coding is not something you learn super quick. I would say if you are just starting to learn all of this it would be around a year before you are comfortable with it.

Unfortunately, I can not offer advice on how to accomplish this goal because this goal is not achievable. I think you are just causing harm to yourself with the amount of pressure and stress you are putting on yourself. Anyway, I offered what I can. At the end of the day its your decision, and if you think this is something good for you with all this stress and unrealistic goals then I wish you the best of luck


Agreed. Two weeks is not enough. The timeline is still wildly impossible.

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