Am I on the right path / are my expectations achievable?

Hi, I learning to code to change career. I have been studying since the start of the year, using mostly Pluralsight, learning CSS, HTML, JS, Node, Mongo, PostgreSQL and React. I think am about mid-way through, with the databases and React still to go. I’ve built a mix of things, mainly in JS and Node/Express from tutorials, some of which I’ve extended and added my own features to. Although I follow the tutorials I take extensive notes and understand how they work, that said I definitely need to come up with more projects that are completely my own.

I am working full time, and have steadily managed about 20 hours a week of study. I am hoping I will start applying for jobs around September / October time. By which I hope to have built a decent full stack app, and a number of smaller apps that have good documentation etc to make up my portfolio. I would also like to fit a bit of Typescript in too.

Is this all achievable? Should I set my horizons towards the end of the year in order to be ready?

Hi @Daniel !

It sounds like you are on the right track and your goals are achievable.
I would keep building projects and build them away from tutorials.

Tutorials aren’t bad but if you feel like you are heavily dependent on them then you need to break from that.

I would start researching now about the job process so you can learn about how to write a good resume, put together a good portfolio, the best way to apply for jobs.

There are plenty of discussions in the #career section of the forum plus articles and videos to help prepare you for that.

You could also share your projects with the forum in the #project-feedback section to make them stronger.

Hope that helps!


Hi, thanks so much for your reply! Really appreciate it.

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