How close am I to applying for jobs? Portfolio review

Hey every, I’ve been studying for the last year and learnt html, scss/css, javascript, C#, .Net, some CS, typescript, react, redux, testing and git.

I’ve made a portfolio at and I wondering how far away I am from being able to seriously apply for jobs.

Thanks in advance


Hey, i would recommend you to just apply for jobs and see how it goes. You will never be fully ready for your first job… On the job training is really important and necessary for junior devs. Coding projects on your own is nice but working in a professional team to deliver high quality software is a whole different experience.

So apply, learn from failed Interviews and continue to work on your portfolio.

Best of luck!


Your “Development Skills” don’t match your Github account.

You are talking about Testing, Node, React, Redux, Typescript, Server Side Rendering etc.
but don’t show it.

What are the technologies you can use to write production-ready code with?


Thanks Horv, I appreciate the feedback - no doubt I’ll be posting here if I get hired.

If you look you’ll see that my React-Core project use React, Redux, TypeScript, React-Testing-Library and Node. But thanks for your helpful feedback - I haven’t done a significant sized project with SSR so i’ll remove it.

You are definitely employable, but I don’t think your current portfolio puts your best foot forward.

Firstly, your portfolio contains placeholder project cards. Including those on your professional portfolio is sloppy, like having Lorem Ipsum on your CV.

I would also remove references to being self taught. Your CV will include your education, so you are not hiding the fact. But on your portfolio it weakens the impact of the statement you’re trying to make. Let the projects speak for themselves.

The two projects on your portfolio seem decent, but I didn’t progress past the login screen for the weather one, and I doubt an employer would either. Consider adding a demo route to the app so someone can see it or test it without an account. The other one looks cool, but isn’t responsive - maybe that doesn’t matter for the type of app it is… I didn’t pay to careful attention there.

I’d probably make the Github link more prominent, and use Github’s pinned repos feature to make your 6 best repos stand out.

The LinkedIn profile link seems pointless, since your profile appears to be completely empty. It’s worth putting some effort into the LinkedIn profile. On the one hand, LI is awful nonsense that should get in the sea… On the other hand, it’s kinda become expected so you may as well present a decent version of yourself on it to the world.

All that said, you can definitely apply for jobs now, and will likely do well at interviews for the right company. My suggestions should just make it a little easier to secure the interview.

Good luck!


Wow, thanks so much for the really thoughtful reply.

There are so many useful points here. I’ll make sure I implement all of them and start applying for jobs straight away.

Thanks again, I really appreciate the feedback.

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I’ve fixed the dashboard app to make to responsive - although I don’t think this particular dashboard would be used from a mobile device.

Got an invite on my second application and just passed my first technical interview, there’s another interview next week but it seems like it will be likely that I’ll make it through so fingers crossed.


Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Just been offered the job! Thanks for all your help!


Congratulations! When the dust settles tell us all the details :slight_smile:

Congratulations bro. . .