Looking for work - advice on portfolio and resume


I have finished all front-end certs and built my resume/online portfolio.
I have applied for many jobs but have had no luck with getting interviews.

A lot of internships and start ups are looking for college students who want to earn credits… so far no luck with internships.
I have built projects for friends and random people I’ve met and I working on a few more to add, such as a few faux react projects to my online portfolio.

I really wanting to work in dev environment to get the full experience and also to build on my skills to become a better dev…

Would love input and advice on my resume/port. And career advice… where to look for work, when no wants someone with out 3 -5 years of experience… :frowning:


  • Look for local meetups in your city. They are always sharing job opportunities. NETWORKING is way more important than your resume or experience. Sad but true.
  • I’m not sure about LA. In London I use Indeed.com and StackOverflow.com when I look for jobs. Sometimes even Twitter.
  • If you’ve completed the Front End Libraries Certification I recommend you to replace “JavaScript” in your resume for more specific targets for recruiters, like Bootstrap, React, Redux and so on.
  • According to the skills you described, I’m assuming you’re looking for Front End jobs. If you need help to define your career roadmap, I suggest to take a look at this article to define the next steps: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/2019-web-developer-roadmap/

Stay strong and good luck.


yeah I definitly working on react now… thx

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If you’re going for Front End developer you HAVE to know Angular and ReactJS no one will hire you unless you have those skills. Careful about the junior level positions you apply for because a lot of them are contract agencies and some of them are super predator style and will put huge cancellation fees in your employment contract.

Thanks for the info D! Also what are your thoughts on my online portfolio and resume? I am really just checking if my work shows that I am ready. I am learning react.js as we speak… Thank you

A little emblishment doesn’t hurt. Change Entry to junior level, and at the very top list your years of experience. If you don’t have any experience on the job, use the time you’ve worked on projects whether for school or on your personal time. 1-2 years is minimum, and it’s silly but that’s the requirement for any entry level position.

I would amend that it’s helpful to know React, or Vue, or Angular (maybe even in that order). React and Vue are the most approachable I think for a new developer. I would check which is more popular in your target market, and focus on that one.

As well, there are still jobs out there that don’t touch front-end frameworks, even for front-end only. I interviewed for 3 when looking for a job earlier this year. Personally, I think using one of the front-end frameworks, though, is more fun and likely better for your career.

Your resume looks good and the experience is well-described. I would suggest adding links to your works, as well as github and linkedin and personal portfolio. As you work on React or Vue or whatever you choose, add those under a projects section. You could use less bullet points under your work experience. Write less, say more.

I think personal projects that show you can work with React, React router, Redux (for example) are more important than your Admin Proposal coordinator experience.

If you’re looking for frontend specifically, then your portfolio will be pretty important, I imagine. Look at some websites like on https://greensock.com/showcase/, design studio portfolios, and popular websites that you like the look of. Recreate some for your portfolio.

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I also haven’t been hired yet, but if I may offer some advice.
Your portfolio page is very functional, but it is very plain. If you made it look more flashy it might attract more attention.

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I love your websites and design ethics… I will definitely update my resume. I don’t have a Linkedin profile set up yet, but I am going to do that next once I update my website and add some new react projects to it. Would love to connect on Linkedin once I set that up.

Did you use react to build your portfolio and other sites or was it from scratch?
My sites are from scratch, but alot of people are telling me to use templates… which I thinking of doing.
I am in the process of learning react… so far it been semi easy/hard.
Would love to pick your brain on the design process of laying out the sites, do you use paper, photoshop or any other tools?


I agree and need to update it… I guess i spent 90% of my time making it mobile responsive. Do mind sharing your online portfolio? Thank you!

Hey thanks, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn once you’re on there.

Yes, everything on my portfolio uses React. Once I got to React, that’s when I moved off of Codepen as well. I’m not sure if you mean templates like boilerplate or templates like I use in Vue components, but I didn’t use any templates in my portfolio.

I took a good couple months to build 4-5 personal React projects (front-end only), and that helped a lot with learning the framework. Just little tools like character generators, dice rollers… you can see examples in my github.

I’m not a designer, so for design I just looked up a similar site or ones I thought looked cool. Then I tried to recreate them myself. https://ethanvernon.github.io/company-page/, for example, was based off the website of a company that ghosted me :joy:. I think this is more useful and time-effective than worrying about your own designs if your aim is to be a developer. At my job and before when freelancing a couple times, I’m never tasked with making the designs, they’re given to me and then I write the code.

I used a lot of bootstrap back then as well, or react-strap, because those components come out of the box responsive. Usually you just need to make minor css tweaks here and there to get things to look how you want.

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I am still in the early stages of designing mine.
So take my opinion with a grain of salt of course

thank you!!! So it’s less about design, but more about the languages used.

but yeah please share your site… would love to see it. thanks.

Hey Ethan! I finally set up my LinkedIn profile. Going to add you in sec… can you let me know what I should update or remove? Love any advice you might have! Still working on react will update once I have some new solid projects! Thx!


Hye @ainneo, I accepted your LinkedIn invite. Looks pretty good already with the bullet points starting with action verbs.

But you’re not utilizing your banner or your heading (not what it’s called, but it’s the field right under your name). LinkedIn works just like Google in the sense that it’s all about search engine algorithms. Rather than repeat most of the article, check this thread I posted a while back and the article in the first post: Working on your LinkedIn.

Congrats and good job on getting LinkedIn setup. The job search is a job in itself it seems. I could have saved myself a lot of rush if I had been more proactive in keeping my resume and linkedin up to date.

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thanks for the thread link and review! It has been extremely helpful.

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