Background color question

I wrote the following code. In my head its suppose to produce a green head, with a light blue body. However it is not so can someone explain why?

<!DOCTYPE html>
		background-color: green;

		background-color: lightblue;

		text-decoration: none;
		color: blue;


			<h1 ><a href="#3"class="hrefcolor">〚About Me〛</a> <a href="#" class="hrefcolor">〚Resume〛</a></h1> 


Only things in the <body> are displayed in the browser. Everything in the <center>tags do not go in the <head>.

You can, however, make a green <header> and a lightblue <main>

@ThaKuu Also note that <head> and <header> tags are very different in html. So do look them up to find out the differences.

thanks ban da tra loi