Background color - overlooking something

People you see what I’m missing here? Trying to change the background color. Normally easy to do in the bodytag but as seen in the screenshot its not happening.

Hope somebody can point me out what I am overlooking here.

Please post your code instead of a picture. Thanks

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Actually, in this case please post both the photo and the code. Or convert the project to a codepen and send a link so that we can help you with this project.

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Is the .websitewrapper inside or outside the body element?

Edit: actually I guess it wouldn’t allow it to be outside the body. Did you add the wrapper class to the body element? Now that I think about it that wouldn’t do it either.

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The photo is not needed. A live link to something like codepen would be an especially useful way to share the code.

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Make sure, if you send the code, That the full CSS and HTML are pasted:

To share code, you can use the Preformatted text button.
This allows you to share the Source Code :

Just Paste your text in here, and select the code that you want to keep raw, and press the button.


The image on the right is raw code .

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If you do not have a codepen account, I will be happy to create a TEMP codepen for your Project so people may help you.

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Did you check it using the dev tools? Inspect the page and look at the styles being applied.

Why do you have two CSS files and what is the load order and what styles are being applied in the other CSS file?

Edit: a Codepen isn’t going to be very useful here I think. A GitHub repo with all the code would though. I’m guessing it’s something to do with your local setup but I can’t say just based on an image.



Welcome to the forum!

You can throw your code into something like codesandbox since it looks like you are using multiple css files.

Then you can just share that link with us so we understand what you are working with.


Sorry guys for being unresponsive forgot to put on my notifications.

As your probably know I’m not a developer so, this was the first time I ever heard about codepen. This is actually my first websites (Wordpress not included). So that being said, here is the codepen:

I did found out why the red did not respond. This was due of an imported CSS file.
So that problem is actually solved.

I do have other questions. Should I keep this topic or make a new one? Don’t want to spam this Forum.

You can ask it here.

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Q1: I have set some divs using flex. However if the site becomes smaller in width I would love the boxes to stack beneath each other.

You can either change the flex-direction to column flex-direction: column or in some cases you can use flex-wrap: wrap. Both are set on the flexbox container.

Can you give a specific example? Is it for the Codepen site you posted?

For example, the .mintwrapper here you can switch to a column direction. I added a row-gap as well just to space them out.

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
  .mintwrapper {
    flex-direction: column;
    row-gap: 2rem;

Great I see now how it can be done. This helped me a lot towards getting the side mobile friendly. – Codepen updated

For the mobile menu I’m displaying a hamburger icon that can be toggled on or off to display a yellow menu. That wont fly. Any suggestion on there?

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