Background-image: url()

Not sure if I’m running into a bug but I’m currently working on (Applied Visual Design - Create Texture by Adding a Subtle Pattern as a Background Image), I’ve added the below code and tried without the image and the test does not pass, gives me the following message (“Your body element should have a background property set to a url() with the given link.”). I’ve done this before on codepen, editors, not sure why it’s not working here. Any guidance would be much appreciated. forgot to mention I also tried just using background: url(); with same result

body {
background-image: url(;


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Nevermind, I have figured it out, the url is supposed to be wrapped in quotes

You need to wrapp the address in quotes inside the parentheses.

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lol, as you were typing I figured that I forgot to do that lol, thank you.

Could you give the code. I’m sorry but I don’t understand

freeCodeCamp should fix this lesson and mention that the url() function requires that the address be wrapped in quotes. The image shows up regardless so it is very misleading.

body { background: url(""); }
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body { background: url( }
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background: url(“”);

can you try to show it like post it