Background: (property) linear-gradient (value) usage?

Hi fcc support,

I have a question on the use of linear gradient for step 40 on the building a city skyline tutorial. I am entering the following code and the background transitions from purple to black:

.bb1a {
background: linear-gradient(#aa80ff, black);

However; this code does not pass the step.
When I enter the following suggested code through the hint provided:

.bb1a {
background: linear-gradient(–building-color1, --window-color1);

No color change displays and the code does not pass. The hint indicates to start by using --building-color1 - which I am entering already. What should I consider entering for the code in this step ? What am I not entering correctly?

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Please link to the challenge when asking for help.

add a gradient of type linear-gradient to the background property with --building-color1 as the first color and --window-color1 as the second.

That looks like variables, which are used like this var(--some-variable)

Edit: here is a more complete example, I changed the variable names.

background: linear-gradient(var(--variable-one), var(--variable-two));
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Thank you for your assistance.

This should be the correct code

.bb1a {
width: 70%;
height: 10%;
background: linear-gradient(

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