Bank transfer payment system on a website

I have a client who needs membership plans on their website and would like to know about various payment systems.

I have suggested PayPal, however they have also enquired about bank transfer.

Is this at all possible? And how can it be integrated in the website? …Also, would payments from different banks require different setups?

Really appreciate any help.


Use a gateway, so you can avoid dealing with banks at least to some extent. This whole ordeal can be complicated though, even without PCI compliance in the mix.
Bank transfer options will additionally depend on which country you are from.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

From the bit of research Im doing, looks like there is no easy way to get paid without charges, coz I think that was their main issue, and the local (Malta) gateway companies I contacted here all have a monthly fee.
I have suggested just emailing their IBAN and other details to the user and they can make a manual bank transfer, from their bank or bank’s site… That or PayPal.

Does this seem reasonable?


Well reasonable yes, automattic no xD

When you are dealing with Bank payment system you will ever have fees aswell as paypal… If your client wants to accept cryptocurrencies the fees will be a lot smallers but i may have a gateway that may solve your problems although as any other payment system has fees (and they depend on the volume of business and the countries they receive the payment from): take a look at … You can possibly solve all integrations of payment options with just their services ;D

If you do a little research you may find better deals but that is the best i know of… If you do find a better one please share it with me heheh

If your client or you want to know more about crypto integrations i may have a few suggestions… I am in that world for almost one year and very integrated over the subject… ;D

Brilliant. I will look into paymentwall… Thanks a lot for your help… and I will let u know if I find something better :smiley:

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I’d take a look at too.

Will do. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: