Banned from Gitter, can't seem to get any resolution

So about a week ago I started going through the Camp’s courses, one of which involves joining the chat room on Gitter. I never sent a single message to any room, but a little while later I ended up being banned with the following message:

This is a standard message notifying you that I had to temporarily ban you from freeCodeCamp’s chat rooms.
I am a moderator acting on behalf of our open source community. I can consider unbanning you, but I need you to do something first.
Read our Code of Conduct.
Please confirm that you’ve read it.
Explain to me why you think I banned you.

I’ve messaged this mod several times and emailed the fCC team, but have received no response. If anyone could point me in the right direction for resolution I would really appreciate it…

This is the reason you were banned:

If it was a misclick mistake you should clarify it.


Thank you for your response. That was most definitely not intentional and I apologize.

Can I be unbanned?

one of mods said u uploaded a file that was a virus… and the virus report was included in the ban report.

go here:
and contact mod who said that over private message.
explain yourself to mod.

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