Bar Chart Built with D3 and React - Feedback Appreciated

Hello, fellow campers:

This is the first project I share through the fCC forum and would love to hear your feedback. I challenged myself to build this project in React using hooks and a logical tree of components (goodbye bindings and props this and props that!). The mouse-over follows the mouse as it moves through the bars.

The project passed all tests a while ago but I’m still working on it. Next, I’d like to change the fill of each bar as the mouse enters.


Challenge: Visualize Data with a Bar Chart

Link to the challenge:

Looks good, nice and clean. Glad to see the implementation of React Hooks.
Of course, as a standalone bar chart, the use of React is completely unnecessary. However, in a real-world project where React is used to build the user interfaces, and data visualizations with D3 are necessary, being able to use both technologies together is a valuable skill.

Keep it up.

Thank you for taking the time to review the project and provide feedback. Some steps of the build, such as rendering the axes, would have been far easier to achieve with D3. My primary aim was certainly to develop my skills, but I also like “thinking in React.”

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