Basic algorithm challenges

I began doing the basic algorithms challenges and solved three of them with success similar to intermediate answers and failed the rest because I was frustrated and took a peek at the spoilers. How bad will this set me back, wish there were more to do at the same difficulty.

Check website for more algorithms, there are easy and difficult ones. By the way, once you solve one of them, you can take a look at others solutions.I learned a lot this way.

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It’s not a failure if you took the time to actually understand those solutions. I was only able to solve about half of the basic ones by myself and the rest I had to look up and understand other people’s solutions. When I started intermediate, i finished 4/7 of the algorithms in a little less than a week by myself. That’s because I took the time to understand others solutions in basic. I also went back and redid the basic though before starting intermediate to prove to myself I can do it.

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You wouldn’t be the first to take a peek at the answers.

The most important thing is: learn. Try hard to solve the problem. Try a couple of times. If you can’t do it, start looking for hints. When you’ve finished, do you really understand what you did? Could you do it again from memory if you had to? Could you do it in a week?

Take a look at I’ve been solving the problems on that website for a while now and theres tons of problems with different levels of difficulty to look at.

I agree with this. Often you’ll need to look to come up with a solution of your own - make sure you understand the code then refactor the code to make the process more efficient where possible.

Codewars is pretty fun :slight_smile: