Basic Algorithm Scripting - struggling do I need to go start again?

Hello, I am really struggling with Basic Algorithm Scripting. I have read posts about this before and similarly I found Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit easy. After this I have had to get the solution from either coming across it on google or by using the get help then only continuing to the next challenge when I understand the solution.

Is it normal or ok to gain understanding from the solution or should I be able to write the code without help?

it doesn’t necessarily have to be without help, it is totally fine to get hints and suggestions (write on the forum for example!), or to look up the stuff you don’t remember, but try to not look at the solutions, instead solve them on your own.

I suggest you try to do again the algorithms for which you looked at the solutions, this time without looking at the solutions, and if you need help write on the forum


Thank you @ilenia.

I’ll start again and spend some more time on the forum for help instead of going straight to the solution. :crossed_fingers: hopefully I get it this time.

Agreed, though it is often a good idea to look at the solutions AFTER you complete the exercise. That way you can make sure that you actually solved the problem as opposed to merely defeating the tests.

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Same Boat here also got to intermediate and started struggling. Not sure if it will help you, but noticed most of my issues were trying to remember the basics so have just gone back to redo them.

im on intermediate now. and it takes me an entire day to do many of the scripting challenges. sometimes days. but after figuring it out . i would be so happy i struggled without looking at the solutions. i would look at them after my code is written and sometimmes be befuddled how different it is in comparison to my own code.

For me, I was slowly getting through it, but it wasn’t really “clicking”. Restarted the whole module when I was about halfway through. Made a massive difference. I think it just takes time to think in that way. After that, with time, it gets smoother and smoother (but not necessarily easy!). Later joined code wars for some more practice of the basics.
Now, just completed the Front-end Frameworks, building my own project and actually really enjoying playing with algorithms.
Stick in there, its hard, but you’ll get there.


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