Basic Algorithm Scripting Difficulty

I have gotten to the Basic Algorithm Scripting section of the FreeCodeCamp Javascript curriculum and I am kind of taken aback at how difficult it is. I don’t seem to be anywhere close to being able to solve the challenges. I can copy and paste the answers and get them to work but this does not seem like an effective learning strategy. What am i supposed to do? I don’t have that much coding experience. Should i be googling the strategies mentioned in the challenge and not looking at the hints at all? Even with all the hints and not the direct answer i still don’t seem close to being able to complete the challenges

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if your research didn’t help you in solving the challenge, use the “Ask for Help” button, and then write a few paragraphs for the “Tell us what’s happening” part, so that you can explain what’s going wrong

Usually people are more helpful in giving hints than the guide, as they would be tailored to you

One little thing that helped me when starting out- if you do decide to copy some code you’ve found online, don’t copy & paste it.

Bring it up in another tab, and actually type out every single line into your work. This forces you to take your time looking at each line, and it’s amazing how much you can understand from something that seemed so confusing at first.

Doing this also helps reinforce your muscle memory when it comes to laying out code, like where all the brackets & semi colons should go.