Basic Algorithm Scripting

Am i the only one having problems solving this part of the course normally freecodecamp always helped us by explaining everything and very Basic solutions if we were stuck, but at this part of the course everything just got complicated and even after watching some videos where i thought would help it just didnt get better.

So the first bits, you’re gaining knowledge. You’re “Book learning,” and thus the lessons were very much about feeding you all the information you can find on places like or

But going forward, you have the basis of knowledge, and you’re being challenged to expand your wisdom. Knowledge is making choices or actions based on what you know, while wisdom is making choices or actions based on what you don’t know.

You are now being challenged: take the things you know, and apply them in different ways. Fit them together, start to think about how you might perform these algorithms in your head, without coding a thing. When you do develop the code, what you’re actually doing is formally writing out that thought process, in a language you already know.

The knowledge is there. Now is when you start becoming more tuned to patterns, to critical thinking, and to problem solving. Now is also when you start really leaning on the community. Asking questions, proposing ideas and listening to comments (good and bad), testing things and breaking them.

If you haven’t already, join the chats!

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