Basic Algorithm Scripting: Factorialize a Number - Sugestion


I just finished this lesson and then proceeded to check the hint page as usual (It doesn’t hurt to check alternative solutions).

I’ve been under the impression that this lesson had the objective of introducing recursion. However, recursion is not mentioned anywhere outside the hints page.

I ended solving with the code below:

function factorialize(num) {
let x = 1;
for (let i = num; i > 1; i--) {
x *= i;
num = x;
return num;


There is no recursion here is no recurs…

I’d see a recursion example (or at least a mention) in the lesson’s introductory text as a relevant improvement.

with no last update there are two challenges just for recursion, they are the last ones in Basic JavaScript section
what do you think about them?

There are 3 new recursion challenges:

Actually, I couldn’t try the new curriculum yet.

Busy, preparing to move to a new town and cleaning up the mess at work for the next manager – I’ve decided to throw everything up and sit down to code at least 6h/day. Also enrolled in a course ( Software Analysis and Development – 2yrs, something like an Associate Degree).

So, by January I’ll have finished moving and will be seen pesking around here again :stuck_out_tongue: