Basic CSS: Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements plz help me

Hello, I have a problem, and I see that many people have a same problem too. In the task “Basic CSS: Use CSS Selectors to Style Elements” with 100% correct code, an error appears in the part “Your h2 element should be blue.”, My friend and I have the same code, but everything is fine in his code, and in my code it writes an error, and that the element is not blue. how can this be fixed?
P.S sorry for my English and possibly not very correct message text, I use a translator

I came here to post this as well. Seems to be an issue that’s been going on for years. My code is correct but won’t be accepted.

Hello, artem.

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@Artem.Kulikov it would be helpful if we could see your code.

There have been some who have an issue like this and it was resolved by asking this question;
Do you have a browser extension that changes the appearance of webpages (such as a “dark mode” extension)?

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I found what my problem was, it was in cookies and cache, you need to completely clear them, and everything should start working. or try to do the same task in incognito mode

This worked for me. I currently use the “Dark Reader” extension. Once I disabled it my code was excepted. Thank you!

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turning off my “dark reader” extension solved this. bologna