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Hello, could someone explain this to me: The footer tag should have an attribute id set to “footer”. It’s the only problem I have left to solve this exercise, it took a while and I’m unable to solve xD


Did you give to the footer an id of “footer”? How did you try to solve it?


first change the footer below the text that has the footer and failure xD. Then try to put:

<a href="#footer" Jump to Bottom .

And finally I wanted to put it inside:

<a href= #footer" footer “”> Jump to Bottom .

And now I have to leave, as soon as I return I will continue to try until I understand what happens xD


The way you give an id to an element, i.e. h1, is like:

<h1 id="a_unique_id">The Title with a unique id</h1>

Do the same but with the footer. Then, to link to the footer, you give the href="#footer" to the <a> element, just that, no need for the entire address.
One could say that the # is a simbol for referencing an id.

See the example from the instructions:

<a href="#contacts-header">Contacts</a>
<h2 id="contacts-header">Contacts</h2>


hahaha, thank you very much at the end I could solve it.