I am having problem in this code

The footer tag should have an id attribute set to “footer”.
this is needed. how it will be solve?

Have you added an id to an element before?

no, i am new here.
i just started HTML coding

An id is an attribute that you can add to any element. Look at the example provided by the lesson:

<a href="#contacts-header">Contacts</a>
<h2 id="contacts-header">Contacts</h2>

i have written the code in the same way like the example says,but i have to put this code in the footer.
and when i am running the code, it is giving message like i have discussed before.


it is a code about=Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements

Your code is almost correct. But you are putting the id = “footer” inside the h2 tag, not the footer tag.

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Yes i see what @addy10532 did there.

thank you
now it is clear to me.

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ya, i was doing wrong.
now it is clear.
thank you.


i still can’t solve it can you share a screen shot or whole page code.

The footer tag needs to be at the last.
As seen in this screenshot, it is inside the main tag before the<img> tag, and it does not have a closing tag.
Try to keep the <footer> tag at the end of the code.
Hope thi shelps :slight_smile: